Acting on the Act

Acting on the Act, a workshop on the importance of Persons with Disability 1995 was conducted in August 1999. This workshop brought together participants from across Tamil Nadu and renowned panellists in the field of disability from all over India. The discussions centered on the provisions, implications and implementation of the Persons with Disabilities Act of 1995. The workshop offered a first time opportunity for everyone present including the Special Commissioner for Disabilities, to analyse the Persons with Disabilities 1995 Act, chapter by chapter for greater understanding.


Acting on the Act II

August 2006 saw the second edition of the Acting on the Act workshop. In a rare event, the three custodians of disability law and policy - Dr. Manoj Kumar, Chief Commissioner of Disabilities (CCD), Poonam Natarajan, Chairperson, National Trust (NT) and Maj.Gen. (Retd.) Ian Cardozo, Chairman, Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) - gathered in Chennai for a daylong interaction with NGOs from all over the country. The workshop gave the NGOs the opportunity to discuss and review the three main statutory policies that govern the disability sector. An interactive session enabled them to find out what plans were being made at the helm towards total implementation of the Act.