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EmployABILITY 2004

Our first Job Fair was an awe-inspiring exercise. Corporate employers, who identified a new talent pool, came forward to explore this new area of head-hunting. More than 30 companies registered, with as many as 14 companies asking for candidates with engineering and high-end computer qualifications. From the point of employers, even those who came looking for cutting edge technology skill sets, found candidates who fulfilled their requirements. Candidates came from various disciplines including engineering, computer science, management, accountancy, medicine, law, science, humanities, and commerce.The CVs were scrutinised for eligibility and matched with the requirement of the employers. In a brief sensitisation session, the Company representatives were asked to interview the candidates for their qualifications and job-related training. Care was taken to ensure that every company and every disabled person registered derived the fullest value. This pioneering event:

• Interfaced qualified persons with disabilities with/and IT and ITES companies.
• Compelled the government and the employers to view employment for disabled people in a new light.
• Highlighted the role of technology in enhancing the further employment opportunities.
• Gave the candidates a fair chance to display their job-related skills, and learn about avenues for improvement.
• Emphasised on the need for the government, the public sector, the private sector, and the society at large to join hands to bring about sustainable changes in attitudes towards people with disabilities.